As the last tears of Spring fell silently upon a Bavarian city, we took to discovering in one another both pleasures unknown and long forgotten. Lost amidst a sea of perfect strangers given to the earthly pleasures of the mortal flesh, we fell in love thinking it was merely lust and you awoke something pagan within me, something ancient, something older than time, something that outlives ash and dust, some familiar beauty long-suppressed. And I found God within your soul and I looked upon it, reality unfolded before my eyes, everything that has ever been or ever will be, and it all seemed so utterly insignificant before you. I took your hand and I never wanted to let it go, though I knew I must. And I whispered words of love for only you to hear, and we closed our eyes and drifted into a dream from which we hoped to never wake. And I promised you my faith, for you were synonymous with my reality, with the stars that shone down on the most heavenly of nights, and your love became my religion, for you offered me my salvation. And winter seemed so long ago, there in the summer as I watched the sunflower blossom.

We tried to swim that ocean between us, but were lost among the salt water, and the shipwrecks of the deep. We searched the darkest depths of that ocean, holding onto the hopes of finding a lost treasure buried deep in the ocean bed.
I thought we’d made it, but on the shore I found Autumn had come, and the leaves were falling to the ground, and all that was once green and beautiful in the world was slowly dying before me and had faded to a memory, becoming nothing more than a half-remembered dream.
And dreams are remembered as nightmares, and nightmares as dreams, and the soul grows weary with a life lived out in eternity, and one day my mind will drift into the unknown, and I’ll forget your name, your face, your smell, your taste, your soul, and the vision of God it contained. But it’ll be okay, because I’ll know that I’ll close my eyes and we’ll be there again. And those last tears of Spring will fall silently upon a Bavarian city, and we’ll smile, and we’ll dance, and we’ll discover in one another those pleasures we forgot long ago. Amidst a sea of perfect strangers, my soul will call out to yours, recognising the reality our minds have since forgotten, and it will all begin again. And I’ll forever be drawn, towards the beauty and the light.


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