Short Poems

I’ve not posted on here for a while, so I thought I’d share a few short poems I’ve been working on this morning.

I fell apart
in the arms
of a lover,
was rebuilt
in the arms
of the wild.

She cried to me that she could never
accept my love,
that the pressure it placed upon her
was too much,
that it was a weight she could not carry.
So she sentenced me
to a life without her…
As if that is a burden any easier to bare,
as if that would not kill me.

Those women,
they taught me
so much with
their flesh, and
with their tears.

Is it wrong for one to say “I am not content with merely your friendship”?
Is it wrong for one to desire more, to lust after the mortal flesh, to imagine your body belonging to mine in the night?
Is it wrong to demand you take every one of my sunrises and sunsets, to balance my happiness and my sorrow upon you, to make you my everything and expect you to do the same?
Is it wrong for one to refuse anything less?
Is it wrong to allow only a choice between love and total devastation?
Is it even a matter contained within the realm of free will?
Has there ever been another way?
I think not…


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