A Human Condition

I recently had a conversation with someone about wanting what we can’t have and being content. I wholeheartedly believe that we as human beings will always desire more, and as a result we will never be truly content.

Nietzsche wrote that humanity is no longer driven by the will to live, that being the desire for survival guiding our every action, but that we are now driven by the will to power, that mere survival is no longer sufficient, we must dominate.

I see the truth in this. All other life forms act on instinct alone, they’re purpose in life is to survive and to pass on their genes. For humankind however, we have the power of and self-aware mind, we are free. As a result surviving isn’t enough, life alone doesn’t justify itself. We need more.

The problem is, there will always be more to have. We’re all guilty of it. Every weekend the pubs and clubs are full of people who want more drink, more drugs, more sex. We abuse our bodies because of it. We damage relationships because of it. One woman or one man isn’t enough, there are too many left un-sampled. One drink isn’t enough, we need to drink all night until the contents of our stomachs are littered across the sidewalk. A toke on a joint isn’t enough, we want to try everything once, but then once isn’t enough and we try it again and again until we feel the desire for something new, somethings out there we haven’t yet had.

I’m especially guilty of this. A pint used to be enough, I’d never touched anything beyond weed, and I went years without a woman. Now I don’t think I could live without sex, drugs and alcohol. It’s an integral part of life to me.

Im trying to get it under control, but I won’t stop drinking, or snorting lines, or popping pills, or dropping acid, or fucking women. I’ll just manage it better. Maybe take another shot at a relationship that last more than a couple of weeks, maybe limited myself to one night out a week, but then again maybe not.

It’s not just in these hedonistic pleasures that this condition can be found. I, like many others, like to travel. I’ve been to Australia, Thailand, India, the States, Ireland, France, Germany, Norway, Czech Republic, Spain, Italy, Austria, Greece, Belguim, Turkey, and now Canada, but it’s not enough, I could see every inch of this planet and I’d book a flight to Mars. It’ll never be enough.

I’ve excepted that I’ll never be content. It’s a human condition, the desire for more. We desire the universe, but the universe is beyond us.


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